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Benefits Of Moving Your Business To The Cloud Featured

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Why move to the cloud? There are plenty of good reasons, but mainly it makes good business sense. You can call it efficiency, or call it doing more with less. But whichever spin you prefer, cloud computing lets you focus on what's important: your business. 

1. You’ll save money 

Zero Capital Investment 

Setting up a physical infrastructure needs a large amount of capital investment, but the cloud doesn’t require any major infrastructure deployment as that is taken care by your cloud provider and so you don’t need to make a hefty CAPEX. 

Lower Resource Costs 

You need resources to manage your servers and reliable resources are expensive; their compensation, benefits, and other associated employment costs could be far greater than your total hardware and software costs. Moreover, the cost of recruiting the right resource is also significant as well. 

When you move to the cloud, you don’t need to worry about resource costs as your provider has their own in-house resources to take care of your data. They are always available whenever you need them and at a fraction of the cost as you just need to pay for their service and nothing else. 

2. Your employees will work better together 

Whether it's document sharing, real-time editing, or other forms of collaboration, the cloud enables you do it from anywhere and anytime easily. An example is Microsoft’s productivity suite Office 365. It comes with: 

Outlook email – a cloud-based email solution that helps you access your email from anywhere 

SharePoint Online – it makes data organization and sharing easy with all team members 

Skype for Business – which facilitates live chat or video conferencing with your team members from any part of the world 

OneDrive storage – where you can store your crucial data and share with anyone easily 

Office suite – which helps you to create documents and collaborate with your team members easily, at the same time 

The best part about cloud-based collaboration tools is that they are accessible from anywhere in the world. 

3. Your data will be more secure 

 Today, due to the increasing amount of advanced security threats, the probability of data loss and theft has increased manifold. When your data is stored on local storage or server, any cyber-attack can cripple your organization. Moreover, if your server crashes, you could end up losing your data permanently. 

Can you afford to lose sensitive data? 

When you store your data in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about security. Most cloud providers pay a lot of attention to security measures such as the availability of highly skilled security specialists 24/7, biometric security to access their data centers, physical security guards on site, redundant power, and strong file encryption. 


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