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5 Hybrid Apps That Can Innovate Your Business Featured

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In any innovative business, there are significant goals that help the entrepreneurs to conduct through building a smarter and more productive working environment. In the current scope of the business landscape, it is impossible to advance without the use of emerging technological developments. The following five hybrid applications can help in innovating businesses.


Among the most used and highly recommendable approaches to building productivity and keeping the staff members on track in businesses includes using the to-do list. Wunderlich takes the concept to another level. As a new hybrid app used as a project-management platform, Wunderlist begins with a master folder for each overarching task. Afterwards, as the user, one can create different items for each face of the project. For instance, one of these folders can be named “website.” The binder can contain all sorts of items, such as news updates, blog posting, fixes, among other content. From there, the user can now concentrate on one topic of the project and create small deadlines all the way to their completion. The folders can also be shared with the team as a way to allow people in the business to be on the same page in different task priorities.

Adobe Sign

In any business, getting clients to sign documents has always been a challenging and inconvenient process. Earlier, as well as today in some situations, a document must be printed, signed, scanned, then mailed. Adobe Sign enables the whole process to be more comfortable and quicker than ever. Even though Electronic signatures are not a new concept, Adobe Sign helps the user to create workflows that are error-free, as the visual designer in the application has triggers to initiate the next steps in the signing process.


With the current rapid advancements in technology, people are continuously addicted to their social media and use their smartphones now more than ever. Adding up all the time spent on updating status, viewing content and sharing can lead to untraceable time being lost. AntiSocial is a hybrid app that tracks the number of hours one stares at their newsfeed and the time spent doing work and gives the user the real-time metrics on where they stand with the modern-age addition. The app’s primary goal is not in abolishing smartphones by any means, as its mission is in helping people to enjoy their social media, while at the same time preventing and managing the effects of overuse.

Cloud-based Apps

There are various versions of cloud apps used in developing apps that need integration with wearables, IoT, and in storing relevant information. They offer storage for seamless functions in the business. Also, with cloud support, cloud apps function securely across different devices, and therefore allows colleagues to share information.


Vend is another excellent hybrid app that allows business, particularly wholesalers and retailers, in using their mobile services as a point-of-sale system and conducting business from nearly everywhere. Through an intuitive design, the app offers the stuff the chance to be aware of the ins and outs of the business within minutes.




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